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Artist: Virta-Flaneurazine / Will Pappenheimer
Title: Eyes-Swirls Hallucination
Year: 2007 - present
Project Description: The wanderment prograchemistry of the Virta-Flaneurazine(VF) drug project, by artists/doctors WD Pappenheimer and JC Freeman (2007-present) , was also found to produce a number of the hallucinatory side eects. Reports of visual imagery, sensation based reactions and psychological states have been described by clinical trial participants In Second Life as well as noted in episodes of the doctors own self-experimentation. Some are pleasant, some discomforting and some reported as frightening. Continued research also documented the experiences of "tunneling" and "spiraling" to be a recurrent symptoms of these visions. It is important to emphasize that these are side eects and not the main directive of the drug.
Bio: Virta-Flaneurazine is an artists collective and pharmaceutical start-up, working on the development of a potent programmable mood-changing drug for online virtual worlds and other social networks. Identied as part of the Wanderment family of psychotropic drugs, it causes the user to aimlessly roam the distant lands the Internet. Virta-Flaneurazine was developed to treat Wanderlust Decit Disorder (WDD), or Internet Addiction, an increasingly common disorder characterized by rote repetitive Internet use and the inability of individuals to depart from their daily routines in their physical and virtual lives. As the prograchemistry takes eect, users nd themselves erratically navigating to random Internet locations, behaving strangely, seeing digephemera and walking or ying in circuitous paths. The doctors/artists JC Freeman and WD Pappenheimer have developed a clinical trial program in order to test if Virta-Flaneurazine is eective in treating WDD and to determine if it is safe for human consumption. The clinical trials include an installation and participatory performance in a clinic setting that dispensed and evaluated the drug's effects on volunteer subjects.
Website: http://virtaflaneurazine.wordpress.com/
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