Future of Reality
an artist collective interested in past, present and future forms of reality

Artist: Diana Maria Gallicchio Domingues, Tiago Franklin R. Lucena, Henrique G. Debarba, Moema Rampon
Title: I'Myth: zapping mobile zone
Year: 2006
Project Description: I'Myth: zapping mobile zone is an interactive installation that allows people to dialogue with the collective memory of myths of human culture (e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Frida Kahlo, Evita Peron, John Kennedy, Senna, Pele, Che Guevara, Elvis Presley). Entering in the room, neons presents silhouettes of myths' objects and a videoclip explores media fragments of images and sounds. The interactions with a complex system are activated through the selection and presentation to a barcode reader of labeled objects placed in a transparent table/altar, framed by the neons energy. Emergent states occur in the room: myths' faces are projected on the large screen, at left. Simultaneously, the words of the barcode label that characterize the myths call a search engine on the Internet, returning sentences that are written on the rotating faces. Cellular phones may be used to send messages to the myths, being answered by sentences written in similar net searches. It's the global memory, in an open system, bringing acts and values related to myths'characters available in the planetary database. On a second screen, at right, three-dimensional rendered objects belonging to the selected myths are displayed in stereoscopy. They appear configuring an ephemeral existence of virtual objects, contrasting with the material ones that populate the room.
Bio: Diana Domingues is a Brazilian Artist and Senior, Founder and Director of LART- Laboratory of Research in Art and TechnoScience - Professor at Post Graduate Art Program-UnB and at Graduate Biomedical Engineering Program at FGA - Gama a UnB. Researcher of the National Council of Science and Technology - CNPq and CAPES. She has a Post-doctoral level at ATI, Universite Paris VIII and a Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics at PUC/SP. Pioneer and active artist and theorist, curator focusing on the creative technologies and human factor, investigating the expansion of sensory and perceptual interaction, RV and RA, mobile social platforms. She published many Books, more than 50 articles in journals, papers, and about 50 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group exhibitions in several countries, including Biennials and International Prizes.
Website: http://dgp.cnpq.br/buscaoperacional/detalhegrupo.jsp?grupo=0240803DKU6FNW
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