Future of Reality
an artist collective interested in past, present and future forms of reality

Artist: Bino (Nylund) and Cool (Tomas Colbengtson), Alex Hill (Programmer), Hans Hauska (Technical Support)
Year: 2006
Project Description: The virtual artwork Najd is based on a Sami mythology story and describes the Sami shaman ability to predict the future with the help of the shaman drum. A Najd can transform himself into a fish, bird or snake, and by a special song type, called Jojk, he is the link between the real world and the other side. A moving object on the drumskin lets the shaman know what symbol to use on the drumskin. The user of the VR system/CAVE will perform as the Najd and will be able to make some moves with the virtual glove, to create a fire and to control the drumstick. After some hard work of drumming the totem will pop out of the drum. It can be a reindeer, a bear, a church or other nordic symbol.
Bio: Born in Sweden, Bino and Cool have been working together since 1998 as Artists In Residence at the Royal Institute of Technology(KTH) with visualization art, science, and education applications in the CAVE virtual reality system. Bino and Cool are artists and have worked with CAVE systems since 1996 and with the VR Cube at the Royal Institute of Technology since 1998. They are the creators of the VR art pieces Yggdrasil, Giza, and the museum VR-reconstruction, Vouni.
VR Artwork:
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