Future of Reality
an artist collective interested in past, present and future forms of reality

Artist: JP Lewis, Ruth West, Todd Margolis
Title: ATLAS in silico
Year: 2007- 2009
Project Description: These algorithmic objects come from ATLAS in silico, a physically interactive virtual reality installation, fuses dynamic media, art, emerging technologies in 3D computer graphics, computer vision and spatialized multichannel interactive audio with pioneering science. It reflects on one of the elemental scientific and cultural challenges of our time: the shift from an organism-centric to a sequence-centric view of nature made possible by metagenomics and it's ensuing impact on our understanding of the nature, origins and unity of life. The installation provides an aesthetic encounter with metagenomics data (and contextual metadata) from the Global Ocean Survey (GOS) - a recent pioneering voyage of discovery circumnavigating the Earth's oceans, the results of which give us a new picture of life on Earth with "potentially far-reaching implications for biological energy production, bioremediation, and for creating solutions for management of greenhouse gas levels in our biosphere."
Bio: ATLAS in silico is the result of a vibrant collaboration between artists and scientists spanning new media, computer science, metagenomics, biology, and engineering. The project was developed at the University of California, San Diego with support from numerous academic departments (CRCA, Calit2, NCMIR, SDSC, CAMERA, EVL), federal grants (NSF SGER) and private industry donations (VRCO, Da-Lite, Meyer Sound, Active Motif/TimeLogic, NVIDIA, Mental Images).
Website: http://www.atlasinsilico.net/
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